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Know-It-All Techie Husbands...Right?

So, you can make magic happen in almost any aspect of your life, but technology is a bit frustrating and refuses to cooperate regularly no matter how much you cuss it out or level a soul-searing glare at it.  If you are like me, you have a techie-type person somewhere in your life and, if you are singularly lucky, they exist somewhere in your home and that person is NOT your 12-year-old, smarty-pants son who likes to forget you were the person who taught him how to eat with a dang spoon and wipe his hiney. (So, show some respect! Now, tell me where the stupid link is again?)

Mine, at the moment is my husband, the other Graham, who is rarely smug and bossy, but when he is it definitely includes computers and its mysterious environs.  He is, remarkably, still conscious and breathing after we have set up this particular blog and website together.  Not to say that he is not an amazing, loving, gentle, kind, good man; but he can also be a roaring, know-it-all, pain in the tuchus, too.  Love you, Honey!!

So, I can make gourmet dinners out of nothing on the spur of the moment, sew elaborate quilts, costumes, and clothing (made my Renaissance-style wedding dress, with my best-friend and Mom over the course of about seven months, for example), absolutely ROCK at Trivial Pursuit type games, sort through incredible legal tangles, solve mysteries, find solutions, provide a shoulder to cry on, and manage to look halfway decent while doing so.  My one singular failing is frickin' technology.  I can use it, but it seems to delight in confounding me on an entirely irregular basis.  Remotes refuse to work, computers freeze up or refuse to follow directions, and it is all simply designed to raise my blood pressure and shorten my life span so Honey-Sweetheart-Darling can collect on the life insurance policy early.

This is, illogically, why it is so irritating when he swans about knowing ever so much more about this particular area than I could possibly ever know or master.  He's a software engineer, for pity's sake, and an electrical engineer on top of that.  Don't even get me started on the "engineer" thing, but it definitely comes in very handy when something goes "kerphlooey" in our home.  (See?  I speak techie. Yeah, right.  In my lexicon, everything mechanical is a whatchamadoogie.)

I believe he has been brought into my life, in part, to help me learn graceful humility in the face of great provocation.  He's somewhat like the person who was assigned to ride in the chariot behind the conquering generals riding through Rome to great acclaim at the end of a successful campaign.  This person's sole job was to constantly whisper in the ear of the general receiving congratulations and what he whispered was, "Remember, thou art human."  

So, no matter how good I am at whatever other thing I put my hand to (and we are in no way including sports nor Crossfit of any type in this list) he is there to remind me that there are folks around who are much more qualified in at least one or two other areas than I am myself.  Quiet kick in the old ego to keep me grounded when I'm getting a little too full of myself.; and to remind me that there are people who handle someone being snotty quite a bit better than I do myself. He's much nicer than I am, honest.  

Still, without him it's unlikely that anything like this would have taken form; so, even though he's walking around doing his smug-techie-strut right now, I'm awfully grateful to him for 1) coming up with this idea, 2) for being able to set it up and having the patience to teach someone who, let's admit it, has a formidable glare, and 3) for being the outrageously wonderful man that I get to hang out with on a regular basis.  

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