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Ever Get a Package That Wasn't Yours?

So, weirdness today, received a package from Amazon delivered to our door that was definitely not for us and not even an address anywhere close to ours.  Completely clueless as to what to do, we dug through the multiple layers of "figure it out yourself!" on the Amazon site that you have to go through before you can chat with an actual (I think) human being.  

Once we reached the holy grail of human (sort of) contact, we let them know what we had clutched in our perplexed hands and, after a bit of back and forth involving tracking numbers, etc., we were told "Thanks, keep it, throw it away, do what you like with it and here's $5 for being a good guy."  Um, what?

It's apparently cheaper now to simply send out a replacement (it was a belt, by the way, in a size fitting for Santa Claus) than it would be to send someone around to pick up the package and get it to its proper destination.  My eyebrows have been quirked since all this culminated and I just can't seem to believe that if it were a TV, for instance, the same thing would have happened.  Why didn't this guy order a 70" LED flat screen?  My hubbie would have been a lot happier about that than a belt we have absolutely no use for, but the $5 was appreciated.

Makes me wonder about the person who delivered it and what might be going on in their lives that they flubbed this one so badly.  I hope they are getting enough sleep and we didn't have a package that should have been delivered that is now sitting on some other unsuspecting victim's doorstep.  What did I order recently?  Hope it was something better than a belt they have no use for and that it ends up in good hands.  And, hopefully, we will get a replacement for whatever ours was, too.  Knowing Amazon, I'm fairly secure it will all be fine in the end.

Anyone need a really big belt?

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